Double Sided Pregnancy Pillow THE ORIGINAL and the best + Includes Free White Cover


A very comfortable side sleeper pregnancy pillow, you simply lay between the two support pillows, resting your bump on the support cushion, if you decide you want to turn over there's no need to move the pillow. 


This is a recommended way to sleep as sleeping on your side allows maximum flow of oxygen to the placenta.


This comfy cotton pillow has two padded pillows, which act as support pillows that will support your tummy bump and back on whichever side you prefer to sleep.


"A truly comfortable pregnancy pillow that helps me to sleep" - this pillow is the pillow our customers have been asking us for! 

  • The Pillow shape encourages you to sleep on your side, the material between the pillow and the back support cushion is very comfortable to sleep on.

  • Sleeping on your side is recommended by midwifes and doctors as it helps to better circulate the blood flow to your baby.

  • If used from the 2nd trimester the pillow will help to place your baby into the optimum position for birth, this can make for an easier less painful labor

  • The comfy back support will discourage you from rolling onto your back while you sleep

  • The shape is designed to take the pressure off your bump and back and eases the pressure on your hips and neck


Cushions and comforts your tummy right through pregnancy, while also providing wonderful back support to keep you in the medically recommended side position during rest and sleep.

  • Maintains comfortable side position recommended for the health of mother & baby.

  • No need for multiple pillows!  Suits all body sizes and shapes. 

  • Removable cover for easy cleaning.

  • The perfect maternity Body Pillow.

  • Cotton cover adjusts to all body shapes. 

  • Stops restless tossing and turning.

  • For rest or sleep - both the abdomen and back are cushioned and supported.

  • Correct spinal alignment to ease backache.

  • Elevates extremities to reduce swelling

  • Shape and position can be adjusted as pregnancy progresses.

  • Flexible design suits all body sizes and shapes.

  • Quality poly cotton cover adjusts to body movement and physiques.

  • Great Pregnancy Gift.


How to use


  • Place your the pregnancy pillow flat on to your mattress, medical professionals currently recommend that you sleep on your left side, as it is believed this can help to improve the blood flow to the placenta.

  • Please Note: If you prefer to sleep on your right side this is also possible, there is no firm evidence that sleeping on your right side makes much difference.

  • Lie on your side on the pillow with the comfy pad under your middle and the back support cushion fitted into the small of your back.

  • Pull the main support pillow towards and against your belly, rest your belly on the pillow.