Comfort U Pregnancy Pillow - for total body support


This unique larger pregnancy pillow is ideal for pregnancy or anyone suffering from upper or lower back pain, hip, shoulder, neck pain, fibro myalgia or insomnia.


It has been specifically designed by a registered nurse to provide the utmost spinal, joint and muscle support while you sleep.


The U-shape "cocoons" your body, keeping neck, shoulders, back and hips perfectly aligned. Great for resting, reading and watching TV too.


Machine washable, filled with hypoallergenic and flame-resistant hollow fill.

  • Cradle yourself in complete comfort from head to toe. Ultimate comfort, maximum support

  • Ideal for back, neck and shoulder pain, restless sleep and maternity discomforts

  • Pillow is filled with Fusion Fiber, so it's always soft, fluffy and totally hypoallergenic

  • Flexible design allows a variety of positions while sleeping on your side or back


How to use


  • Place your Comfort U pregnancy pillow flat on to your mattress, medical professionals currently recommend that you sleep on your left side, as it is believed this can help to improve blood flow to the placenta.

  • Please Note: If you prefer to sleep on your right side this is also possible, there is no firm evidence that sleeping on your right side makes much difference.

  • Lie on your side on the pillow with the back support cushion fitted into the small of your back.

  • Pull the main support pillow towards and against your belly, rest your belly on the pillow

  • Place the leg support pillow between your knees, this will remove the pressure on your back and belly as well as supporting your upper leg

  • Finally, rest your head on the top of the pillow